Post a Payment Once... and Only Once

Wouldn’t it be nice to accept a payment and have it go directly into QuickBooks® without the need of posting? With our QuickBooks® Integration, that’s exactly how it works! Accepted payments go straight into QuickBooks® and automatically marks the invoice as paid.

Plus with our Direct Invoicing, collecting payments is easier than ever! When your customers receive an email invoice, they can pay with a click of the button - and it posts directly to QuickBooks®!

Our system even allows features that can’t be done with QuickBooks® alone, including:

  • a limited-access desktop version for employees - they can add payments and customers, but only see the data they need to!
  • credit card transactions automatically applied and posted.
  • ability to process multiple invoices and recurring payments
  • access to real-time transaction details and database management
  • speedy processing times
  • in-the-moment approval and decline code notification for voids and returns

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