No One’s Immune To Fraud, But Some Are Better Protected Than Others

All e-commerce merchants big or small have to deal with fraud - but that doesn’t mean they have to worry about it.

The old way of doing things involves internal staff deciding which sales are fraud, and which ones aren’t… but no one’s perfect. This means rejected sales that are not fraud, and accepted sales that are.

But our Fraud Protection has a new way of doing things. Our unique system utilizes a powerful database, IP address filters, and a few trade secrets to detect what’s fraud and what’s not - giving us an accuracy rate of 99.2% on U.S. orders!

...And we do it faster! While investigating a suspected fraud takes your staff 20 minutes, it only takes 2 minutes for us! We’ll also send you periodic suspicious transaction reports and email notifications, so you stay in the loop.

Still want more security? No matter how good your staff is, there will be times when they come across a questionable order. We give you the option of outsourcing it to us - we’ll tell you definitively if it’s safe, and we’ll back up our promise with a 100% guarantee!

Simple Ways To Help Prevent Fraud

  • Collect CVC2 and CVV2 verification numbers
  • Use Address Verification System to double-check that address is correct
  • Be cautious of orders from other countries
  • Be cautious of uncommonly large orders, large fees for next day shipping, and orders for several of the same expensive item

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