The Right Way to Handle Chargebacks

A “chargeback” occurs when a charge is deposited into an account and then taken out again for a variety of reasons. The usual method for handling chargebacks involves claims received and sent by mail or fax... but that leaves you vulnerable to lose a sale just because your response misses the deadline.

With our online chargeback manager, you can respond to chargebacks right then and there! You view the chargeback and can submit documentation with the click of a button! No missed due dates, no risk of chargeback responses getting lost in the cracks.

Common Causes of Chargebacks

  • incorrect account number
  • expired card
  • duplicate processing
  • cancelled recurring payment
  • multiple versions of the same transaction with a failure to void
  • illegible writing
  • services not rendered
  • defective merchandise
  • transaction not deposited on time
  • fraud
  • no signature

How You Can Avoid Chargebacks

  • be clear about refund/returns policy
  • avoid card-not-present transactions whenever possible
  • respond to disputes as soon as possible
  • tell customers what name will appear on the statement
  • if the card’s magnetic strip is unreadable, take an imprint of the card
  • collect signatures on delivery
  • check ID and request copy if you’re suspicious
  • never charge card until goods are shipped
  • check AVS and CCV

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