Owning Property is a Full-Time Job… Let Us Help with the Workload!

If you’re a property owner or landlord, we can make your life a lot easier. We’ll build you a site with a custom look and design that streamlines your daily workflow. You can eliminate stress for both you and your tenants, and give yourself more time to expand your business!

Our system automatically deposits payments and generates reports, and our user-friendly platform allows tenants to submit payments more easily with e-checks, credit cards, and debit cards. We give your tenants the ability to set-up recurring or scheduled payments, and even a mobile app that lets them pay anywhere, anytime! Plus both you and your tenants can receive payment notifications.

It even integrates into your existing accounting system, including MDS, Yardi, Rent Manager, and more! Credit card fees become a thing of the past with the option of having your tenants pay the processing fees. No more bounced checks, relying on the mail system, or tiresome trips to the bank!

Other Features Let You...

  • access overnight fund availability
  • instantly and automatically alert supers, employees, and office users about service inquiries and repair fixes
  • automatically keep records of service-related conversations, including pictures
  • schedule and communicate with vendors and contractors directly
  • communicate with tenants through email blasts
  • electronically upload legal deeds and contracts, and attach them to specific property units and tenants

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