Your Customers All Have Checking Accounts… Just Let Them Use It!

Wouldn’t you want to accept a form of payment that gives you faster access to funds and a lower processing fee than credit cards? Compared to credit cards, checks are more secure against chargebacks and theft. Our Check Services not only guarantee against bounced checks, they also help you utilize checking more easily than ever before!

Our streamlined system eliminates a lot of your workload: we collect NSF fees from customers, automatically redeposit bounced checks, enable recurring payments, and auto-deduct invoice balances on the due date - plus our system integrates with your pre-existing software or website (API). No more making copies of checks, trips to the bank, or sending checks to your vendors… we can handle that.


  • 100% Check Guarantee
  • paper and electronic checks
  • accept checks by phone, fax, or online
  • deposit to multiple banks or accounts
  • low transaction fees
  • automatically collects NSF fees
  • recurring payments
  • automatically redeposits bounced checks
  • acquire next-day funds
  • customer database
  • online reporting

“No Worries” Check Guarantee

Don’t you have enough to worry about? With our Check Guarantee, you are covered against bad or bounced checks by 100% - which means no more doubts whenever the customer pulls out their checkbook!

ACH: Meet the Modern Paperless Check!

Electronic Check Processing is shaping up to be the future of banking. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic banking network that removes the need for paper checks by using the checking account and bank routing numbers. Integrating ACH processing into your business has all the benefits of paper checks, plus some extra advantages:

  • faster processing than paper checks
  • lower processing fees than credit card transactions

Choose the Option Right For You

With First Choice Merchants, we give you 3 options so you can choose the plan that fits your individual needs:

Electronic Check Acceptance

With a quick scan at the time of sale, a paper check transaction becomes an electronic transaction, as simple as if the payment was made with a credit card. The money is automatically deposited in your bank account, and if the check bounces, it won’t affect you at all!

Audio Response (ARU)

For merchants who prefer the traditional method of depositing checks, this option allows you to enter the information over the phone. You’ll receive a real-time response, and you’ll still be fully reimbursed if the check fails.

Customize Your Own Plan

If you’re a merchant with exceptional needs, we offer a customizable check processing solution. This includes guarantees for both post-dated and mailed-in checks, plus an assortment of stop payment options.

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